Mailing Tips

About our Envelopes

We offer a wide range of envelope styles to accommodate the many different types of Invitations we print. All of our products meet the standards and requirements defined by the US Post Office in size, thickness and rigidity.

Standard, Letterpress and Colored envelopes are a great option for any Invitation. Double Envelopes, Envelope Liners and our Heavyweight and Palisade options help provide extra protection.

Envelope Options

Sending and Sealing

Advise your clients how to properly stuff and seal their envelopes. (Make sure they don’t forget to stamp the Reply Envelopes!)

We recommend double sided tape, an adhesive glue runner, or a permanent glue stick to ensure a good seal on the envelope. Easy stick tape is available on Square flap envelopes for an additional .30 cents per envelope.

Using the incorrect amount of water can cause damage; too much and the gumline can be washed away, not enough, and the glue won’t stick consistently.

Make sure the flaps are pressed down firmly once the envelopes are sealed.

Get to know your local post office!

Find a branch near you that will allow your clients to arrange for hand canceling. Although hand canceling doesn’t guarantee the envelopes won’t go through postal machinery at some point, it’s the best way to start them off on their journey.

Make sure your clients take an assembled Invitation Suite to the Post Office to be weighed and measured for the correct postage amount.

Postal scales can vary from branch to branch so the Invitations should be mailed from the same branch that estimated the postage amount.

Keep in mind envelopes that are squares, oversized, rigid/thick, have non standard closures (wax seals, strings or tabs) and those being mailed Internationally will always require extra postage. An Invitation weighing two ounces but considered “non-machinable” will need enough postage to cover the two ounce rate and the non-machinable surcharge.

Stationery Works does not assume liability for any issues or damage during the delivery process.